KOREAN STUDENTS ~ In their own words


THE LIFE STORY PROJECT is about stories of challenge and victory. You could call it, “My Turning Point,” or “An Important Lesson I’ve Learned,” or you could call it a “LIFE STORY.”

The Life Story Project began as a speech assignment at Kookmin University in 2007. It was part of a required conversation course that all majors had to take, and I used the opportunity to give students a chance to practice speech writing and public speaking. Everybody has a story, but people often need to be encouraged to tell it. The Life Story Project is something I’m interested in because thinking about what we’ve learned and sharing it with others is a way to validate our own experience and help someone else at the same time.

The Life Story Project is a work in progress. These are some of the students who were there to start it. I hope to find many more who can keep it going and growing.

433S-2 Class

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