Design is about the PROCESS.

If asked to write about the process, I would have to say it started with a feeling of non-interest, and a sort of “I have no ideas” kind of thinking. So I went back to the written assignment and re-read it. Still no inspiration. So I clicked on some of the links given to jump-start our creative juices. Getting warmer… this is interesting…I kept scrolling down…

Then suddenly, I saw it. The paper cut-out that would grab my heart and speak to me!

I wanna do THAT!
Soaring Love, by Dream Papercut

Soaring Love, by Dream Papercut

Soaring Love, by Dream Papercut

Those little black paper people are just amazing. My scissors took over, and in less than a minute my little Balloon Dancer was born and showing me where she wanted to dance.

She came up right away, and I recognized her instantly. Where have you been all these years, I asked ever so lovingly. She danced away laughing 🙂

I couldn’t stop photographing her, and she was determined not to let me.

We started on the kitchen utensils…


Then we moved on to the window where she got the idea she could fly…Oops! Better hold on to those balloons, dearie.


Next she took me on a desert mountain…


When I thought for sure she was ready to take a break, we ran back into the kitchen for one last shot before she let the last balloon go and laid down for a rest. What a day we had, and it all happened in less than an hour! 


About the PROCESS.

And I repeat once again~”Design is ABOUT the PROCESS, and it can only come from yourself.”

“Observation is one of the main skills of a designer. To observe is already to design.”

Design 1o1 is an online design course offered by iversity ~

The challenge is a daily 1-hour project (Monday-Friday). To be honest, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed, and still haven’t gotten into the ‘groove’ of it, homework-wise. Thank God at least we have the weekends to catch up. I’m way behind, but I’m very inspired, so that’s one good thing.

If you are interested in having a lot of fun, and designing your brains out, there is still time to jump in! 

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