from “The Leadership Challenge, How to make extraordinary things happen in organizations”

by Kouzes and Posner

  1. Model the way
  2. Inspire a shared vision~ find a common purpose,envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities.
  3. Challenge the Process ~search for opportunities, take initiative, experiment and take risks.
  4. Enable Others to Act ~foster collaboration, create a climate of trust, facilitate relationships, strengthen others, 
  5. Encourage the Heart ~ recognize contributions, celebrate values and victories, create a spirit of community, get personally involved.

 Case study: Barby—- at Zeno: Fearless


-“Every single personal best leadership case involved changing the status quo.”

-You need to know what your values and guiding principles are.”

-“Innovation comes more from listening than from telling.You have to be constantly looking outside yourself and your organization for new and innovative products, processes and services.”

Key words: Innovation, change, experimentation, taking risks, support for good ideas, willingness to challenge the system. “When you take risks, mistakes and failures are inevitable. Proceed anyway.”

 Characteristics most looked-for in a leader: 


-Forward looking



For more about Kouzes and Posner, http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/about-section-our-authors.aspx

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