I love you, body~
Thank you
for serving me faithfully all these many years,
for never deserting me, even when I thought badly of you~
that you were ugly…
or shameful.

I love you, body~
I’m sorry
I forgot about you so often
and treated you so carelessly
as if I had another stashed somewhere behind…

I love you, body!
Please forgive me
for taking you for granted,
for not appreciating just how wonderful and precious you are
and how amazing and unbelievably perfect you are!

I love you, body!

How beautiful and strong you are.
How soft and supple you are.
How amazing it is that you and I are here together….

Thank you for everything.
I love you just the way you are.

Body Beautiful.
I love you ♥

2 thoughts on “BODY BEAUTIFUL

    • Thanks, Dana 🙂 I took the pictures last April, around my birthday. It was, as usual, a sudden inspiration. I have some more photos, ‘sans vetements’~ but am hesitant to post them. Not ashamed, just guarded. Wish I could though. How liberating!!

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