GEORGE MARTIN and the Beatles

I just finished watching PRODUCED BY GEORGE MARTIN on Amazon Prime ( What an amazing gift he gave us. In the form of so much beautiful music. As British singer Cilla said about him, he brought out the best in people because they didn’t feel scared by him. Mild-mannered, cool to the max, he had the musical knowledge and the ear to make suggestions in ways that could be heard and accepted by those egos who came into his studio. Especially after the Beatles. Everyone wanted a piece of George’s golden touch!

A wonderful book to start your George Martin journey is one he wrote in 1994 to tell the story of the ‘Summer of Love – The Making of Sgt Pepper.’ It’s a fascinating read that takes you into the EMI studio to see how the music was actually made. Quite the eye opener.

I never really thought about or understood what a producer’s role on an album is, or how important it is to the finished product. Did I say that George Martin is unquestionably the ‘Fifth Beatle?’ Without him I don’t think they would have gone on to do the incredible studio work they ended up doing. Thank you, Sir George!!!

4 thoughts on “GEORGE MARTIN and the Beatles

  1. Hi Arby! Interesting post on GM. Only knew of him on album liner notes. Have a great day! Dean

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