Fashion: The Fall Collection





IMG_0544Fashion: The Fall Collection

This season it’s ALL about COLOR. I’m starting new, and my Fall Collection is just that~ new & colorful!

I weigh 174 pounds. That’s down 25 from my all-time highest weight of 199 a few years back. I tend to go up and down in a 10lb. range all year long, but this year I’m becoming a little more conscious and am hoping to shed at least 10 more pounds before the new year rolls around.

The thing I don’t like about losing weight is that my face (not hips) always seems to show it first. A thin face looks older on most women my age. People often tell me how young I look. I know it’s a combination of no smoking or alcohol over the years, but also because I’m overweight. Therein lies the rub: to lose or not to lose.

On my 60th birthday two years ago, I realized that I like the way I look, extra pounds and all. That must be a sign of maturity, becoming more accepting of myself. In any case, it was a welcome birthday present. It’s amazing how many of my younger years were spent worrying excessively about body image. I used to be terribly self-conscious about walking out of a room because of the eyes I was sure were focused on my hips as they passed through the doorway. Now, the thing I like least about my body is something I never even thought of before: my stomach. It has taken on a life of its own, and doesn’t seem to want to part ways no matter what I do. More about that later.

For now, I want to share some of my wardrobe tips with my big beautiful friends. I want to upgrade my look this year, and learn how to work with what I have. These are some of the things that help me look and feel my best now that I’m starting new at 62.

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