Mr. BEE & Brother GREG

Mr. BEE & Brother GREG

I didn’t think I’d write about this episode so soon
but when the iron’s hot they say to strike, for it’s a boon.
The thing I have to tell you that will make you shake your head
is Mr. Bee was here again, and WITH his brother Greg.

Now I don’t know why Greg is so much shyer than his bro
I mean he barely stopped by long enough to even say Hello.
And once again I have to say my flapper was frustrated
I gave up even trying to get a shot (so over-rated).

The tale of Mr. Bee today is that he came “trop tard”
to share with us a coffee or a piece of fresh Prune tarte;
He came upon an empty plate (his brother didn’t dare)
So here I go, no proof to show, that Greg was even there.

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