SKIN CARE ~ from the inside out!

Helloo! When I first started doing my Tea Talks ( ) my lovely niece asked me how I take care of my skin. I have a simple program, that costs next to nothing. You may have noticed throughout this blog that I like to spend as little as possible on beauty care, clothes, and even haircuts (yes, I cut my own!)                                

I don’t necessarily trust that expensive creams and moisturizers work any better than the basic do it yourself, natural oils do. So, being a skeptic at heart, I just stick to what I know can’t do me no harm. I often just wash with water at night, and sometimes a special sulphur soap that the skin doctor sold my daughter for about $60 and I still have the bar after about 9 years (I don’t use it often). A little dab of vasoline on my lips before bed keeps them soft and prevents chapping, especially in the winter months.  I replace any oils on my face and neck in the morning with a mix of grapeseed and olive oils, about half and half. After showering, before drying off completely, I massage a bit of the mix all over my damp skin. It spreads easily, and if I would do it for my shoes, why not for myself? While visiting England this year on a school trip, I came across a body butter at a Charity Shop, and I use that now before going to bed just because it smells so good!                                                                                         The wrinkles are coming bit by bit…who is immune??? But I’m eternally grateful that I never drank or smoked because I know those two things have made such a BIG difference in the way I’ve aged. What goes in comes out in various ways, whether we like it or not. That being said, I better get back to counting calories on



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