You Can’t Leave the House Barefoot!


These shoes were made for walkin’

and that’s just what they’ll do…”

I can’t wear heels anymore. Maybe it’s the age, or maybe the extra weight…dunno. But, whatever the reason, my feet are only happy anymore when I’m in flats. And I love them! The highest heel I can safely wear is 1 1/2 inch. But my preference is a flat with a pointed toe. I have a goldish colored pair I picked up in Costa Rica for $10. When I slip them on I feel slim, light, and beautiful. The clunkier the shoe, the heavier I feel. So, I’m always on the lookout for a stream-lined flat. I notice H&M have MANY this year. They’re all the rage. However, very few of them have pointed toes (and honestly I just hate the round toe on me) and almost NONE of them are in a narrow. (AAAA width can be a bummer sometimes) sigh.

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