The Truth (about Mr. BEE) Revealed


Let me begin to tell you how the tale of Mr. Bee is now~
In fact, if truth be told you see, he isn’t really Mr. Bee.
His family tree is not the same, and WASP is his true family’s name.

Now there it is, a wrong corrected ~ my ignorance has been deflected.
I want to welcome just the same the little one, whate’er his name,
So I invited him to share our repast in the garden air.
The trouble is that when he came, he brought his friends and sister, Mame.
They were a quite rambunctious crew ~ too late I thought, but what to do?

The garden party was fair fun, and went as well as could be expected, Hon,
But one last thing you ought to know: Wasps can be friendly one by one,
but not in groups of four or more~ in that case I would close the door.                               

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