STROLLERS FOR DOGS ~ Another kind of Street Fashion in Liege


I met a lady yesterday in the centre of Liege. Since I had just missed the bus, I decided to ask her if I could take a picture of her dog, who was so obviously loved and cared for. He was looking demure in a fancy-looking stroller, which upon closer examination, was made especially for animals.

While we were talking, she moved him a couple of times, because the sun was in his eyes. She asked me quite a few questions, but my French was limited, and I was also not sure if I wanted to get into all of it with her (Do you have a cat? Why did you give him away? Do you know the people you gave him to? Is he happy? …) Whew! She was hitting the nail on its little painful head, for sure! 

The bus arrived, and I had to go. But here are the pics for me to show!

The Opera House in Liege

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