Last year I was so happy whenever I was wearing my white flannel bathrobe. Then I made my first TEA TALKS in it, and realized how nice it looked on me too. Comfort and Beauty~ who could ask for more. I kept thinking about cutting it off so I could wear it as a coat outside, but I didn’t want to lose my beautiful bathrobe. Anyway, this year I found a way to make my dream a reality: and I found it at PRIMARK. A leopard print bathrobe for 12 Euros, that I cut off and turned into the warmest and coziest jacket of my dreams. Here it is~ What do you think? Should I be wearing it out of the house?




Originally with a hood

Originally with a hood

I took off the funny little hood with ears attached, and rolled up the remaining material to make a thick warm collar effect. It works, and I just love wearing it around the house or out. No matter what, I’m snug as a bug in a rug πŸ™‚

Different belt~ Different look.

Different belt~ Different look.

4 thoughts on “HOME FASHION Design Ideas

    • Thanks! Yes, I’m following you πŸ™‚ I don’t really post regularly. Do you? Now that I’ve started the FB page I’m more interested
      in that, and don’t know if I should post the same things on both, or make them unique in themselves…still thinking about all of it.
      Any suggestions are welcome.

      • You set your blog to post directly to your FB page automatically, then also add unique content to your FB page, that will draw FB visitors to your blog.

        I think your FB page is great, but doing both is better. I only post once a week to my personal blog now because I’ve been busy with Faith Fusion.

        On NH Faith Fusion we post 4 or 5 times a week and it automatically posts to our FB page. Then we post additional things on the FB page that we wouldn’t put on the website. We get a lot of visitors coming over from our FB account, it works both ways.

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