I decided that I need to start taking pictures of people wearing their scarves beautifully, and Pauline was my FIRST subject. I met her at the hospital: I was waiting for my reports and she was waiting for her mother. Her scarf caught my eye, and the way she was wearing it made me turn around and ask her for a photo. Here it is~ Thank you, Pauline 🙂

Pauline is Beautiful in her gray scarf!

Pauline is Beautiful in her gray scarf!

My second scarf photo was taken in Brussels. My subject was a young woman from Holland who is teaching Dutch in Brussels. I was grateful to her for showing me how to get from the tram to the Metro. I loved the fact that she was wearing such a brilliant color around her neck~ it made me happy just to look at it. She said her name just as we were about to part, and I can’t remember it now, so I really hope she puts a comment on this page so I can thank her!

We went to Brussels again by train, and I spotted these two young women on the platform waiting with us for the train. They were very friendly and agreed to a question and a photo:
“What’s the most inspiring thing happening in your lives these days?” I asked.
“We love our studies. She’s in dentistry and I’m a medical student.”
“Wow. Are you both from Liege?”
“No. We’re from the south of France.”
“I keep meeting students from France here.”
“Yes. It’s cheaper, and it’s easier to get in.”

French students studying in Liege

French students studying in Liege

The platform was really crowded. It looked like everybody in Liege was going to Brussels at the same time. I had just enough time to talk to two more young women who were both wearing beautiful scarves.

“Hi! What’s the most inspiring thing that’s happening in your life right now?”
She didn’t speak English all that well, so her boyfriend translated for her (he’s not in the picture). “She’s with WIRELESS. They’re on their way to Istanbul. It’s a kind of a cultural thing.”
“Could I get your friend’s picture too?”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the program on the internet. I’ll have to ask better clarification questions next time!


Last but not least:
My husband and I were lucky to find two seats together on the train. We found ourselves sitting next to a couple from Chechnya. I was immediately attracted by the way she was wearing her scarf. It was wrapped around her head, and reminded me of the Vermeer painting, Girl with the Pearl Earring ~ mysterious, and ultra feminine.
“What do you like best about being in Belgium?”
“You can smile more here. You can feel more free.
Life is harder, and people are more serious in Chechnya.”

Polka-dots at a street festival....

Polka-dots at a street festival….

Men in Liege like to wear scarves too.

Men in Liege like to wear scarves too.


I am becoming a scarf person.
I love the splash of color a scarf provides, and of course, it’s a perfect way to keep your neck warm and toasty when the air gets cool and fall breezes greet you at every turn.

However, it’s a fashion change that takes some time to perfect. So right now I’m in the observation stage. Looking at how other women (and men) are doing it gives me more confidence.
So, I’m going to take more pictures of people in scarves.

My newest scarf  ~ 4 Euros at PRIMARK

My newest scarf ~ 4 Euros at PRIMARK

Rocking the head scarf with COLOR and STYLE

Rocking the head scarf with COLOR and STYLE

I really love the long dress and gorgeous head scarf above. This woman is rocking this look big-time 🙂

My friends and I are still in the process of learning how to wear scarves and look great in them.
If you too want to add a scarf to your look this fall, but you’re not sure how to wear it, click on the link below and check out an amazing instructional video. It has all the styles you probably need. Good luck! 🙂 <


  1. My daughter and I collect and share scarves. She wears them really well and when she’s around she helps me. Sometimes my scarves go missing and then I see a picture of her at college wearing the one I was missing. I always have to laugh, because we both have so many and I often forget what I’ve loaned to her.

    • Hi, Cheryl~ my daughter steals my hats, shirts, and sometimes a scarf here or there. I know what you mean. It’s nice to be able
      to serve them like that. I always feel good knowing she’s wearing and loving something of mine. Thanks for checking out my blog.
      I’m just getting started…It’s nice to find another blogger.

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