STREET MEETS (or going up to perfect strangers and asking them something meaningful)

It was almost the end of the day. I was worried about what I would post here. I knew it had to be inspiring, or at least very nice as I had promised.

I had my camera in hand (standard practice), and was waiting at the bus stop on my way home for dinner. Even though she wasn’t wearing a scarf (my new photographic focus) I decided to try out my new STREET MEET script:

“Hi. Do you speak English?”
“Yes. You’re lucky. I do!”

Half-done is well begun 🙂

“I’m doing a blog about people in Liege. Can I ask you a question, and take your picture?”

I had to think fast at that point, because I hadn’t actually prepared a question.

“Uhhh…. What’s the most inspiring thing going on in your life right now?’

“Well, I’ve been traveling by myself for 3 months, and I’ve been to 15 countries. I’m on my way to the U.K. and stopping by Liege to visit a friend I met in France.”
“Wow! Do you like traveling alone? I mean, I’d feel nervous to go without my daughter or husband.”

“Oh! Traveling alone is so empowering. You feel like, I can do anything after this! Even when bad things happen, you figure out how to deal with them.”
“What was the worst thing that happened to you?”
“I got my stuff stolen in Milan. That was bad. But I met so many kind people who helped me, and I learned a lot. I’m so glad I’ve had this experience before settling down. I would recommend it to anyone. Don’t hesitate. Just go!”

A Postscript:

I was re-reading this story tonight and did a double-take when I read, “I got my stuff stolen in Milan.” Wait! Was that me speaking??

I had my stuff stolen in Milan also, years ago when I was backpacking around Europe with a friend. So strange that this random traveler tells me the same thing. Milan must have a lot of problems….Or?

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