NEW START with ART! ~ with Alesia Bruffaerts

I’m 62 and starting new, and one of the new things for me is rediscovering art in my life. I was always an artist, but never called myself one. Even though I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts (USF, Tampa, FL) art was always something I did but never really thought about. 

Now, I’m seeing art everywhere, and in everything I do. It makes me happy to make it, to discover it, and to share it with others. I’ve been posting all the new artist discoveries that I’ve been making this year, and should probably put them all into one single album, so they are easier to find. 

I’ll do that (!) but for now, I am going to post my new favorite artist of the week. She’s a young woman of 18, just recently starting out at university in Leuvan, Belgium. Her major? Dentistry. Her joy? Making ART! Meet Alesia Bruffaerts.

I visited her this past week, and watched as she worked on her latest project. “Wow! How did you do that? It’s beautiful!”

“My dad took a branch of bamboo from the garden, and stuck it into a pot of sand, and backlit it. I just traced the shadows on the wall.”

“Was it hard to choose the colors?”

“We wanted something subtle to match the oriental feeling of the room. It’s my mother’s accupuncture and healing office. The soft colors seemed to fit.”

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