Discussion Strategies Conversation Class ~ Student Evaluations, KMU 2007-2008;            Compiled and edited by Robin Debacker at Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea

-“Excellent! Though our class started in the early morning, I attended this class every week, because it was really interesting and exciting. Thank you!”

 -“I really liked the discussion strategies because I didn’t know exactly how to continue conversation smoothly before. I think that rejoinders and follow-up questions are the basis of a good English conversation, and above all, I liked it because it was very easy! I was very shy of speaking in front of a foreigner, but this class taught me that the problem was a lack of self-esteem, not the language. Based on many things that I learned in this class, I will study harder. I really appreciate the teacher’s kindness to us, and I’ll remember all your advice. Thank you!”(정민정)

 – “I didn’t converse with others in English before I took this class. At first I was very shy and nervous, but afterwards I was delighted to make many friends. I think the way of having conversation with people we don’t know is very good and helpful. I was happy that I could practice conversation with other people, and learn the discussion strategies in particular. They will be very useful to me whenever I talk to people, whether in Korean or in English. I really can’t forget this class and the time we had together. Thanks, teacher! ” (조은애)

 – “Our discussion groups were a very self-motivated activity. Each of the group members participated enthusiastically, and it made us rely on and trust each other and shortened the time for us to open our hearts toward each other.” (강용준)

 -“Talking in our discussion groups was the most fun work! Discussing different subjects with different people was really interesting.” (강지헤)

 – “The first day I was a little nervous and embarrassed because I’m so shy, and I couldn’t speak English very well. But our class was fun, and even though I couldn’t speak English I could express my intentions. This was the best class!”

 – “This was a very useful class. It was the first time for me to exercise my English conversation. I realized that speaking in English is not so difficult. I discovered that I can do it!”

 – “Great! I wanted speech practice, and I found it in this class! This class was a shot in the arm for me. Now I try to speak English with my friends and family.”

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