Collaborating for a Change: Applying Himmelman’s Approach                           

Source: Arthur T. Himmelman, Collaborating for a Change

 -Networking- Information exchange, Minimal time, low levels of trust, no turf sharing; No mutual sharing of resources

 -Coordinating-Information exchange and activities to achieve a common purpose, Moderate time and trust, no turf sharing, make services user friendly; None or minimal resource sharing

 -Cooperating-All of coordinating plus resource, Substantial time, high trust, high access to each other’s turf; Moderate to extensive resource sharing. Some sharing of risks, responsibilities and rewards.

 -Collaborating-All of cooperating plus enhancing the capacity of another to achieve a common purpose; Extensive time, very high trust, reciprocal capacity enhancements; Full sharing of resources, risks, responsibilities and rewards 

Additional Resources

-David Chrislip and Carl E. Larson: Collaborative Leadership

-WilliamIsaacs: DialogicLeadership

-James Kouzes and Barry Posner: The Leadership Challenge

-ArthurT.Himmelman: CollaborationforaChange

-JohnKesler: CivilDiscourse

-PeterSenge: TheFifthDiscipline

-JohnGardner: OnLeadership

-Ronald Heifetz: Leadership Without Easy Answers

 Margaret O. Schmelzer, MS, RN State Health Plan Director Director of Public Health Nursing and Health Policy Division of Public Health Wisconsin Department of Health Services Madison, Wisconsin  May 2013


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