The 7 Reasons Why I Waited to Get Matched

The following is an inspiring and thoughtful reflection / guide for young people considering getting married. It was written by a young friend of mine, and I am re-blogging it here for others to enjoy.


lara Lara Voelker – Guest Writer

Hi everyone! My name is Lara Voelker and I was blessed this February to Jacob Shaw. We were both 23 when we were matched. I say “matched” somewhat loosely – it was more of a mutual decision. It’s actually a very cute story and maybe I’ll share it another time. For this article, I’d like to share seven reasons I’m glad I waited until my mid-twenties to get into a serious relationship. These seven points are simply my own reasons for waiting – they do not invalidate functional, happy relationships that were started at a much younger age than mine. However, my hope is that those of you considering the matching will think seriously about the commitment and effort it takes, and honestly reflect about whether you really are ready.

1. My brain had time to develop.

There’s a physical reason teenagers are unreasonable, moody…

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