Starting up again

It’s 2020. I’m not feeling so enthusiastic about anything, truth be told. You know when it feels like everyone is out to get you? Or however much you fight, you don’t seem to be winning?

I’ve been prone a lot these days…trying to take the weight off, to keep the stress at bay. It helps. I truly love my bed. It’s definitely a safe space and comfort zone. However, one can’t stay there forever. Lying down isn’t a bad strategy, but life does keep calling.

So today I asked myself, what could I be doing to help myself feel better? And as I was driving home I found myself telling the story of my weight loss a few years back, and was reminded of my TeaTalks days. I could do another Tea Talk. I haven’t thought of that in a very long time. I could reach out and share an inspiring story that might help someone going through the same struggle.

I could do another Tea Talk about joining OA, what led up to it, how I keep the weight off after all this time. I love telling that story. It reminds me that I can do things to help myself. And those are the kind of stories I need to hear and tell right now.

So…I’ll be sharing that story with you soon. This is just the introduction to let you and me know that I’m still here, and I’m starting up again!

4 thoughts on “Starting up again

  1. Hi Robin, I can identify with how you feel. Every now and then I think about blogging again, but I just can’t do it yet. But it’s helped me in the past so sometimes I read over my old posts too.

    Keep doing your art, music and walking – even if you don’t feel like it – because it will help you process life and it will give back to you in ways that are yet unseen. Your creativity has inspired me, so let it inspire you as well.

  2. Hi, Cheryl! It’s nice to get your feedback and encouragement, as always!! I’m a bit in slow motion, but I hope to get back to some kind of regular sharing soon. It feels good and helps me, like you said, and you also reminded me that it sometimes inspires someone else. Thanks and welcome back! I was just in MA for the weekend, probably will get up there again in the spring. Maybe we can meet up. You’re also welcome here if you find yourself in Bridgeport for any reason 🙂

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