STREET MEETS~ Love in Liege

Nadia’s Story:

She served me my usual Cafe Russe and threw in some extra cookiesย ย Then she told me how she had been to Miami in July to get married. “Wow!” I said.ย 

“We’ve been together for 30 years, and married for 2 months. And he organized the whole thing without telling me anything. I didn’t even know until we got there that we were going to get married. He told me we were celebrating my birthday.”

“He’s a keeper,” I said, while she showed me the wedding pictures on my computer.




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BEAUTY AT ANY AGE~ My Date with Fashion

I went to a birthday lunch this week, invited by an artist and fashionista that I met several weeks ago. She looked smashing, just as I knew she would, so I was glad I had gotten all dressed up to meet her.

I brought a gift (a scarf) and she was confused. We hardly knew each other, and so I felt sorry that I had put her in such an uncomfortable position. Lesson learned. I thought I should return the favor of being invited to lunch, but I should have known better.

I lived in Korea for 12 years, and one thing I saw again and again was how people never let themselves get indebted. When they come to visit, they always bring something: flowers, food, anything! And when they feel they have received something good, even if they have paid for it dearly, they insist on giving an offering of some kind. They can feel free in their minds that they owe nothing.

I’m sorry and hope that Diane does not feel in any way indebted because I gave her a scarf to celebrate her birthday. I could say that in my mind she represents all the beautiful women of Liege, and it was in that spirit that the gift was given. She owes me nothing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Madame! ๐Ÿ™‚

She loved my wig, and told me that the next time we meet, she’ll be wearing one too, and I should have another one!

I think I might have met my match ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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STREET MEETS in Liege ~ Lady Liberty!

The weather was unbelievable again today, so I took another long walk through Liege. Sitting at an outdoor cafe to bask in the sun, I saw that the young woman at the table next to me also had a pen and paper and seemed to be writing more than a shopping list.

“What are you writing?”
“It’s a novel.”
“Wow! What’s it about?”
“Are you interested in spirituality and personal development?” she asked.
“Of course.”
“Well, that’s what I’m writing about. I don’t think things happen by accident. I mean, yesterday I was reading the story of the Statue of Liberty, and today I meet you ~ Lady Liberty!”


OUT and ABOUT in Liege

At the pub...

At the pub…

The old Post Office Converted to an open air pub every Sunday.

The old Post Office Converted to an open air pub every Sunday.

I’m feeling pretty excited about our walk about town. There’s always so much to discover! Let me show you around ๐Ÿ™‚
The old post office

The old post office


Me with the River Meuse behind….love this bridge view.

A street festival!

A street festival!

We followed the sound of drumming and came upon a lovely street festival. The drums and dancing reminded me of Korea.

Street Art ~ just around the corner

Street Art ~ just around the corner

The thrift store has my size shoes!

The thrift store has my size shoes!

Bridal Fashion

Bridal Fashion


I decided that I need to start taking pictures of people wearing their scarves beautifully, and Pauline was my FIRST subject. I met her at the hospital: I was waiting for my reports and she was waiting for her mother. Her scarf caught my eye, and the way she was wearing it made me turn around and ask her for a photo. Here it is~ Thank you, Pauline ๐Ÿ™‚

Pauline is Beautiful in her gray scarf!

Pauline is Beautiful in her gray scarf!

My second scarf photo was taken in Brussels. My subject was a young woman from Holland who is teaching Dutch in Brussels. I was grateful to her for showing me how to get from the tram to the Metro. I loved the fact that she was wearing such a brilliant color around her neck~ it made me happy just to look at it. She said her name just as we were about to part, and I can’t remember it now, so I really hope she puts a comment on this page so I can thank her!

We went to Brussels again by train, and I spotted these two young women on the platform waiting with us for the train. They were very friendly and agreed to a question and a photo:
“What’s the most inspiring thing happening in your lives these days?” I asked.
“We love our studies. She’s in dentistry and I’m a medical student.”
“Wow. Are you both from Liege?”
“No. We’re from the south of France.”
“I keep meeting students from France here.”
“Yes. It’s cheaper, and it’s easier to get in.”

French students studying in Liege

French students studying in Liege

The platform was really crowded. It looked like everybody in Liege was going to Brussels at the same time. I had just enough time to talk to two more young women who were both wearing beautiful scarves.

“Hi! What’s the most inspiring thing that’s happening in your life right now?”
She didn’t speak English all that well, so her boyfriend translated for her (he’s not in the picture). “She’s with WIRELESS. They’re on their way to Istanbul. It’s a kind of a cultural thing.”
“Could I get your friend’s picture too?”

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the program on the internet. I’ll have to ask better clarification questions next time!


Last but not least:
My husband and I were lucky to find two seats together on the train. We found ourselves sitting next to a couple from Chechnya. I was immediately attracted by the way she was wearing her scarf. It was wrapped around her head, and reminded me of the Vermeer painting, Girl with the Pearl Earring ~ mysterious, and ultra feminine.
“What do you like best about being in Belgium?”
“You can smile more here. You can feel more free.
Life is harder, and people are more serious in Chechnya.”

Polka-dots at a street festival....

Polka-dots at a street festival….

Men in Liege like to wear scarves too.

Men in Liege like to wear scarves too.


I am becoming a scarf person.
I love the splash of color a scarf provides, and of course, it’s a perfect way to keep your neck warm and toasty when the air gets cool and fall breezes greet you at every turn.

However, it’s a fashion change that takes some time to perfect. So right now I’m in the observation stage. Looking at how other women (and men) are doing it gives me more confidence.
So, I’m going to take more pictures of people in scarves.

My newest scarf  ~ 4 Euros at PRIMARK

My newest scarf ~ 4 Euros at PRIMARK

Rocking the head scarf with COLOR and STYLE

Rocking the head scarf with COLOR and STYLE

I really love the long dress and gorgeous head scarf above. This woman is rocking this look big-time ๐Ÿ™‚

My friends and I are still in the process of learning how to wear scarves and look great in them.
If you too want to add a scarf to your look this fall, but you’re not sure how to wear it, click on the link below and check out an amazing instructional video. It has all the styles you probably need. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚ <

BEAUTY AT ANY AGE ~ & Never too Late for a Date

I decided to dress a little better when I went out yesterday (in case I meet someone, I told myself). Except for my sneakers. Darn! So nice to walk in, but they’re NOT a fashionable statement.

I was glad later because I ended up sitting with two lovely Belgian women, one of whom I asked to photograph because she was so elegant that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.ย I think this is the best picture.


It’s a little scary to sit and talk with people you’ve never met, no matter how extroverted you may appear to be. I had to keep pulling my giddy self back down to earth to check that I was not getting too excited and off-balance.

The Madame was dining with a friend who spoke perfect English. My good fortune again. We exchanged our contact info, and I discovered that Madame is an artist. No wonder she is so beautifully arranged, I thought to myself, and of course, the hat should have been a dead giveaway. She invited me to join them for their birthday lunch, which is one day apart~ same time, same place, next month. I accepted. When I got home, I immediately wondered WHAT shall I WEAR? I need to let my artist self be as free and expressive as she does. Hmmm… Time to go shopping again? At least I need some earrings to go with the red silk flower I plan on wearing…and I promised her I would wear a hat…

I always move quickly, without a lot of pre-thought. It can and often has been a problem, and I am trying to learn to think more before I jump. However, it can also be a great advantage to be spontaneous. While other less impulsive people might have hesitated until the opportunity got up and left, it took me less than 5 full seconds to make up my mind to move, and there we were, talking as though we had known each other before.

That 5 seconds before I walked up to their table, and the 15 minutes after I had returned to mine~ with a business card in my hand, an invitation scrawled on the back, and a beating heart that was trying to calm the adrenaline rush that had just washed over it~ can reveal a few things, and makes me wonder about the assumptions that most people make about extroverted people like me.

Which are you, an introvert or an extrovert?
Do you see yourself as a mixture?
If so, how would you describe the mix?

I’ll be waiting to hear from you ๐Ÿ™‚

Les lacquements nature~ 3.25Euros and a specialty of Liege.

Les lacquements nature~ 3.25Euros and a specialty of Liege.