The Truth (about Mr. BEE) Revealed


Let me begin to tell you how the tale of Mr. Bee is now~
In fact, if truth be told you see, he isn’t really Mr. Bee.
His family tree is not the same, and WASP is his true family’s name.

Now there it is, a wrong corrected ~ my ignorance has been deflected.
I want to welcome just the same the little one, whate’er his name,
So I invited him to share our repast in the garden air.
The trouble is that when he came, he brought his friends and sister, Mame.
They were a quite rambunctious crew ~ too late I thought, but what to do?

The garden party was fair fun, and went as well as could be expected, Hon,
But one last thing you ought to know: Wasps can be friendly one by one,
but not in groups of four or more~ in that case I would close the door.                               

Mr. BEE & Brother GREG

Mr. BEE & Brother GREG

I didn’t think I’d write about this episode so soon
but when the iron’s hot they say to strike, for it’s a boon.
The thing I have to tell you that will make you shake your head
is Mr. Bee was here again, and WITH his brother Greg.

Now I don’t know why Greg is so much shyer than his bro
I mean he barely stopped by long enough to even say Hello.
And once again I have to say my flapper was frustrated
I gave up even trying to get a shot (so over-rated).

The tale of Mr. Bee today is that he came “trop tard”
to share with us a coffee or a piece of fresh Prune tarte;
He came upon an empty plate (his brother didn’t dare)
So here I go, no proof to show, that Greg was even there.



I was waiting again today when Mr. Bee arrived~
as usual, when he looked at me I knew that I’d been eyed.
I thought his demeanor quite gentlemanly and dapper
but I couldn’t seem to get him to pose nicely for my flapper (camera)

He took a stroll around the empty coffee cup and rim
but his culinary sweet-tooth wasn’t satisfied therein ~ SO

I had to let him go and disappear among the flowers
While I held my flapper ready, for what seemed like hours and hours.

You may be thinking it, I know, but feel too shy to say
What makes you so darn sure this is the bee from yesterday?
He has no calling card, it’s true, no tag around his leg,
and yet I’d recognize him anywhere~

unless, of course,
he’s Greg.



I have a little bee friend who visits me each day
He lands upon my glasses to make sure that I say, “HEY!”
I quickly greet and smile and run to get the sweet he likes
It’s a lid of cherry jam that keeps him busy while I type

I’m outside on the balcony, and my friend is here today.
It makes me feel so happy that he doesn’t fly away.
I only wish he had a little tag around his leg
So I would know for sure it’s him and not his brother Greg.