Seaside Community Garden of Joy ~Spring 2022

Alexi asked me to send pictures. Thanks, Alexi. I need those kinds of invitations sometimes. This is my 4th season of gardening here in Bridgeport. It’s one of the things I like best about living here. The garden is right down the street, almost close enough to be my backyard. Let me say that this year I’ve been less active than last, getting a later start, and doing much less planning. My daughter gave me her extra seedlings, and that got me into the garden finally. Thanks, Emilie! They went into the ground on May 17th ~ ten tomato plants, four eggplant, 8-10 basil, and two peppers. For the most part, this year is more about feeding the pollinators than feeding myself. I get food stamps, I’m not desperate. My focus has been on allowing the flowering perennials that came up early to remain when other gardeners pulled them out as unwanted weeds. Most of what is in my bed came by itself and has something to offer the bees and butterflies, and that’s exciting.

Last year’s thyme is so beautiful!
I’ve already had my first camomile harvest