Junk Jewelry!


The thing about junk jewelry is that it looks great, and costs next to nothing. I don’t mind spending my money on something else more important. Here are two of my favorite earring/necklace sets. However, as is often the case, they didn’t come as sets. The string of wooden beads (bought in Itaewon, Seoul, from my favorite street vendor) needed matching earrings. My jewelry making friend, Kristina, took some of the beads from the necklace and made earrings for me. I love them and wear them almost every day. I love the natural look of wood, and they go with everything. The silver necklace was on sale here in Belgium for 3Euros. I bought 2 of them, and took one apart to make earrings. Yay! Amazing what a little practice and a pair of needle-nose pliers can do.

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