Today was simply a perfect day. I can’t explain to you all the reasons why right now, but just believe me that it was special, and memorable, and p.e.r.f.e.c.t. I will show you in pictures what it was like to be out and about in Liege today. I walked, ate, sat, read, and wrote, but mostly I watched people around me going here and there, and took pictures. I think the first one was the most beautiful! Image

Next I met one of my students from last year and took a picture of her with her mother and sister. Here they are, looking beautiful.

Next is the very delicious Cafe Liegeois that you’ve got to try when you come here to visit. IMG_0012

The Moroccan woman and her daughter that I met at the bus stop were also beautiful. The mother’s dress caught my eye and they were more than happy to take a picture. They invited me to visit Morocco, and gave me some bracelets. How come I never wore anything on my wrist before? I love it!

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