I can’t really remember when I wasn’t a thrift store shopper (junkie?). There’s something about sorting through other people’s cast-offs…or maybe it’s the excitement of a bargain. 

In any case, I’m definitely into thrifting, and Liege is FULL of ‘brocante’ shops.

This is the window display of my new favorite second-hand store downtown. Every week they highlight a different color. Everything was gray when I first passed by. The pointed gray shoes made me stop and turn around. Hey, wait! Aren’t those your size? 

They are now in my closet, and I am CRAZY about them.



My favorite downtown thrift store.

My favorite downtown thrift store.

Today's Finds

Today’s Finds

Today I found a couple of books, one in French for Jean and one in English for my students, and a couple of Mickey Mouse badges that were just too cute to pass up. The books I know we’ll read and enjoy, but who knows what will become of those little Disney patches. Maybe I’ll sew them onto a scarf. Or maybe they will end up in a bag on it’s way to a thrift store. That happens too 🙂

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