Hello everyone~ Have you been meeting any interesting people lately? Everyone has an interesting story to tell!
Jean and I were grocery shopping tonight and a woman behind us at the register commented on how refreshing it was to hear English being spoken. I have a loud voice, and it really does draw attention over here. She was so bright and her English was also refreshing for me to hear, so I ran back to give her my card after we’d left. 

When she saw it, she said, “Oh! It’s you!”
“Me? Wait, what do you mean?”
“You met my daughter a month or so ago and took her picture. She was wearing a scarf that she told you her mother made, and you said you liked it.”
“Is your daughter a student?”
“Is she studying physio-therapy?”
“And was the scarf a circle kind, all one piece?”
“Wow, of course, I remember her! We met at the bus-stop outside the train station.

I don’t know if I ever actually posted her picture on my blog, but I will now.

No one ever leaves any comments though.”

“Well, we will! We’ll be the first to comment!”

I really really hope they do!

4 thoughts on “STREET MEETS in Liege

  1. Great scarf and great picture. Thanks, Robin ! And you know what ? You took the one and only picture of that scarf before it shrank in the washer !

    We have the same habit (and pleasure) to talk to people we don’t even know. Hope we’ll meet again at the grocery store 🙂

    I like your blog, by the way. I’ll keep on visiting it from time to time. Thanks for sharing those life slices !

    • Thanks, Marianne! It’s great to hear from you. I thought I recognized something of a kindred spirit in you when we met 🙂
      A fellow talker! Take care, and greetings to Irene.

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