90 DAYS OF HEALTHY EATING~ DAY 17: Clay cookers


It’s not just WHAT you cook~ What you cook IN matters too.
I know cooking in aluminum pans isn’t good because the aluminum leeches into the foods. And I store food in glass rather than plastic when I can.

But last week I made a discovery I NEVER heard about before, and I found it at the thrift store!

I saw it sitting amongst the clutter of kitchen items, and did a double take~ What’s that? Upon closer examination, I realized I was looking at exactly what I had said I wanted only the day before~ something to cook a chicken in, big enough to hold some potatoes and carrots and apples and onions, and that has a cover. I grabbed it, determined to search online when I got home about how to use it, and what it was actually made for. I knew that as it said made in Germany on the bottom, it must be GOOD. 

I was right! The one I have is made by Romertopf, and will hold a 3-4 lb chicken with all the trimmings. The lady at the thrift store told me you have to soak it in water for 15 minutes before using, and the porous nature of the terra cotta clay makes the food so much more succulent. Reading up a bit, I also discovered that the clay is also alkaline, and that makes a difference in the taste of the food as well. I’m sold (and I haven’t even used it yet).

Today’s the day. We’ll be eating clay-baked chicken when Jean gets home from work today.  (I’m enjoying being a stay-at-home wife these days).

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